A lot of business owners think by outsourcing HR they are outsourcing recruitment, this is simply not TRUE and there is a difference between the two.

Outsourcing HR

This would be working with a company such as Employsure. Employsure (https://employsure.com.au/) provides workplace relations support to employers and business owners through helping them understand legislation and their obligations. They help you create employee contracts, handbooks, WHS, policies, procedures etc and are an incredible resource if you have a troublesome employee or just need general advice. Other companies that offer similar services include ADP Comprehensive Services, G&A Partners, TriNet HR Services and the list goes on.

Outsourcing Recruitment

When you outsource recruitment you are hiring a third party to advertise, find and in some cases interview staff for your business.

Outsourcing recruitment generally costs upwards of $7,000 per recruit.

In a small business I love the idea of outsourcing HR, it frees up your time and takes you out of the picture if there is an employee dispute. It allows you to focus on your business and you’re not left to interpret legislation.

I do believe there is a time and place for outsourcing recruitment, this would be if you are fortunate and land a large contract that requires several of the same staff, outside of this I do NOT recommend outsourcing recruitment.

Why I don’t recommend outsourcing recruitment especially in small business is I see a huge disconnect between who you are hiring and who you need. Outsourcing makes it easy and takes that stress away but in doing that you are not looking at your own business and why you are needing a new hire or who you really need to hire. This is a HUGE mistake that most business make which leads to high staff turnover and increased recruiting expenses.

If you do decide to outsource recruitment you MUST interview the candidate, you still have that option, if you hire without ever interviewing how do you know the candidate is a cultural fit for your business.

I have some great tips and tricks to take the stress out of recruiting and to make sure you when you do recruit you hire the correct person every time.