Every blog post I read, every professional I spoke to told me I needed to do a professional photo shoot for my business.

So a few weeks ago I booked it in (mentally) and committed to myself that this was HAPPENING!

Being a new business I needed to do this for as CHEAP as possible. I read blogs on how to do it cheap and watched some YouTube videos as well to give me some inspiration on what I needed and how I should pose.

I sat down and I wrote a checklist of what I would need at a minimum;

  • Photographer
  • Location
  • Props
  • Stylist
  • Makeup
  • Hair

Um ok how CHEAP can I actually do this, prices started adding up in my head photographer $500, Location $200, Props – possibly free, Stylist $500, Makeup $70, Hair $70. SHIT I’m already over $1000 and this is on the cheap… So back I went googling “business photo shoots on the cheap” there were no stand out idea as to how I could really cut this budget but I knew I had too.

So I started thinking out of these what could I do myself, hmm I could easily do my own Hair and Makeup that’s going to save $140 YES!!

But that’s just not enough.

Photographer and stylist where were the big money was coming into it so I googled “What do I need when doing a professional photo shoot” Photographer and lighting where the predominant answers of which I happen to have both, well kind of. I have professional lighting (which I purchased a while ago on Wish for SUPER cheap) and I have a digital SLR so now I just need a photographer. I started googling “how to choose a photographer” common results where check their Instagram, make sure you are comfortable with them.

Hahaha, I thought to myself I wonder if Nic (my husband) would/could do it. It started to sound less crazy than I had originally thought, I’m certainly comfortable with him and he does take some pretty good pictures, he certainly isn’t a “photographer” though.

So I asked him, “hey babe, you know how I need to do this photo shoot, would you be my photographer”? Without even stopping what he was doing he responded with “yeah, sure, I could do that”. Wow that was SO much easier than I thought it was going to be.

Now the other big ticket item a stylist… Back to google I went “what does a stylist do”, ok so now I kind of understand, I wonder if I have a friend that could be my “stylist”? I started asking myself, who’s style do I like, who could I borrow clothes from, who do I know would LOVE to help me and it all lead to one of my closest friends and of course she said YES!

Holy shit! All I have to pay for is props and location but if I can find the right location maybe I don’t need props. So I wrote a list of what my dream location would look like;

  • White/clean background
  • White and Black desk
  • Awesome chair
  • Gold and teal accessories

I searched office spaces, Air BNBs and accommodation in my area and honestly was not coming up with a lot, there wasn’t anywhere that was JUMPING out at me. It all started feel hopeless.

Standing in my kitchen cooking dinner, locations still running through my head I looked into my dining room and there it was, my perfect location. I would need to take out my furniture and bring in my “office” but I had the bones.

So I again asked Nic “Hey Babe, can we, argh, take everything out of our dining room and turn it into the area for the photo shoot?” he thought it was a great idea (he is so supportive, honestly I am so lucky)!

Wait, am I about to do this photo shoot for FREE??? Hahaha you have GOT to be joking, how professional can it really turn out? How good are these pictures really going to be? What have I got too loose though, it’s going to be free so I might as well give it a red hot shot!

So off we went moving furniture, setting up lighting, doing my hair and makeup finally it’s time I’m all dressed ready to go, I could feel the nerves coming on but there was no turning back now. Then Nic says to me, “do you know where the memory card is for the camera?” you have got to be fucking kidding me I am all dressed (in white) ready to go and we can’t find the memory card for the camera….. After 20 minutes of tearing the house apart I found the memory card.

Round 2, I think we are actually ready now. I was SO nervous by this stage which is totally out of character for me I usually love being the centre of attention but not today. I felt awkward and stiff at this point I was so glad Nic was my photographer. I started to look into the camera and I looked around, I am in my kitchen, my husband is my shirtless photographer and my daughter is standing there cheering me on, what do I have to be nervous about.

I started fake laughing, well that just turned into everyone laughing and the next thing I knew I was having a great time. My face started hurting from smiling we were having that much fun.

I had always intended to do a behind the shoot video at the start but I was so nervous I couldn’t bring myself to do it. By the end I was pumped I took a short video (which you can see on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/I.AM.BILLIESHARP/).

Here was the moment I had been waiting for to look at the photos, OMG they are just what I wanted, I couldn’t believe it we had actually pulled this off.

Honestly if I can make this work so can YOU!!

Here are some pics from the day, also some behind the scenes shots.

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