Hi There!

I am Billie Sharp,

Multi-million dollar business creator, home engineer & small business expert.

My hobbies consist of economics, human psychology, and watching documentaries on Netflix. 

Yes, I am that perfectly envious balance between geek and life of the party. (Yes, you can be everything, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) 

15 years ago

my life was certainly on a different trajectory. 

My childhood wasn’t catastrophic but it wasn’t rainbows and butterflies either.
It was filled with abandonment, abuse & emotional manipulation.

I didn’t know what I wanted..

But I knew what I didn’t want my life to look like.

I made a decision to create a life that dreams were made of

I worked hard, took opportunities no matter how small and I never hid when times got tough.

Along my journey, I was told things like “I wasn’t good enough”, “I wasn’t worth it”, “I would never make it”.

But I never let those words slow me down. 

After building an extraordinarily successful career in male-dominated industries, it was time for me to step up and step out.

1 in 9 entrepreneurs become successful.

When I saw this statistic for the first time I was sad. 

So after a lot of research and education, I made it my personal mission to change that statistic.

Despite being told I was crazy and you can’t have it all. (Never tell me I can’t do something)

I created something extraordinary.

Now I help other women (and sometimes men if they are really cool) create sustainable, successful businesses aligned with their values. 

Together we turn dreams into realities. (I literally have the best job)


you will find me in my home office, makeup-free, rocking the mum bun. 

Running my business around my life and family because I stopped living by destiny and started living by design. 

Regardless of your past, you are worthy of success, you are worthy of wealth and you are worthy of HAVING IT ALL.

It’s time to step up and step out.

Billie xx