You might have seen my video recently about being absent through this difficult time, I touched on how change is very debilitating for me.

I’m not sure if I have always been that way but for a long time it has been very hard for me to adapt to any changes in my life. To give you an example one night I broke down because we were supposed to have chicken for dinner but it didn’t defrost in time so I had to change my plan. It’s amazing how something so small can affect your mood so adjusting to Covid19 has been extremely challenging for me. Over the years I have learnt methods with helping me deal with change and I thought since everyone is dealing with change at the moment I would share some of them with you.

Accept the Change

Firstly I need to come to terms that this change is real and happening and sometimes things are out of my control. If there are multiple changes I like to write them down so I can truly understand the change and then number them in order from easiest to hardest to deal with, this allows me to work through them with a clearer mind.

Identify the positives

So now I clearly understand the change I like to find as many positives as I can with this change this allows me to start to feel good about what is happening and allows my anxiety to dissipate. I like to think of 5 to 10 positives and depending on the severity of the change I will write them all down and put them on my fridge or a place where I can see them again and again.


Now that I can see the positives in the change it allows me to add it to my routine, depending on how big the change is sometimes it is easier for me to build my routine around the change. It takes time for me to be completely comfortable with my new routine but I find comfort in being able to find a place for it in my life.

I don’t find it easy to openly talk about my experiences with depression and anxiety. I’m not sure why but for me it comes with a level of embarrassment, maybe it’s openly admitting that I have some serious issues that I deal with every day.

I decided to write this blog as I really want to help people through this time. Remember if you are struggling I am here to talk.

Some other great supports (Australia) Lifeline 13 11 14, (United States) 1800 273 8255.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips on change.

Talk Soon,