Are you ready to cut through the crap and turn that idea into money?

In this book I teach you how to make that idea a reality and I cut through all of the technical language the ATO, ASIC and business.gov.au tries to deter you with.

Seriously have you used business.gov.au, you click “register my business” and to actually register your business you have to click on 50 more things. FFS I just want to register my business, like seriously who designs this shit.

Starting a new business is so exciting but at the same time you are shitting yourself, don’t worry every business owner has been there, should I shouldn’t I, is my business ready, I don’t have time for a business, is this what I really want, the list is so long I could write a whole book on reasons why we don’t go into business.

It’s sad really, imagine what the world would be like if we were all confident enough to follow our ideas and dreams.

Includes BONUS business plan.