11 years ago we were robbed.

We weren’t home, someone broke in through a window and stole some of our belongings.

I arrived home and noticed the missing items and phoned the police, they told me it appeared I had scared the intruder off as there where only items missing from upstairs so most likely the intruder was upstairs when I arrived home.

I remember being so angry, someone had come into my personal space and taken our belongings and to top it all off I was young, dumb and uninsured…

The intruder took something much more valuable that day then possessions, they instilled a fear in me that I had never felt before.

Prior to this I wasn’t really afraid of anything, sure I jumped at the sight of a cockroach but I had never experienced this deep heart pounding fear that now sat inside me.

I would call my mum before I walked in the door everyday just ‘in case they had come back’, I would check under every bed and in every cupboard before I would get off of the phone.

Eventually the fear became too much and we moved.

Moving didn’t solve it though, this heart pounding fear was following me EVERYWHERE.

Over time the fear mostly subsided, however every time I needed to wash my hair when I was home alone I just couldn’t do it.

The thought of being naked and vulnerable in a cube with my eyes closed brought back that heart pounding feeling. My husband worked away and paying for my hair to be washed was getting out of control.

That’s it, I am facing this fear head on, I need to move forward in my life. It’s probably important to note it had been almost 3 years since the originally robbery.

I would go into the shower clothed and sit in there with no running water in the dark with my eyes closed for as long as my heart would let me. Every time I showered I would practice keeping my eyes closed.

With every attempt the time became longer, I became comfortable with my fear. It wasn’t an instant fix, it was hard work but it was totally worth it.

Even today 11 years on I wouldn’t say I am cured, I still get the rare moment mid hair wash where I will open my eyes because I ‘heard’ something…

It’s amazing to think this persons 10 minute act changed me on an extremely deep level.

Negativity and fear is much easier to create in people than positivity and joy.

As a coach all I want to do is bring a positive change to my clients, because I know how successful your life can be if you face and overcome your fears.

People often say to me “you were in the right place at the right time” or “you are so lucky to have such a great career”.

Coincidence and luck has not pla…..