Billie Sharp possesses a drive only most people ever dream of. Billie is a woman who has enjoyed a great amount of success from a young age.

Billie struck gold faster than most people would in their entire careers. At the tender age of 22, she was an Operations Manager which afforded her many opportunities. 

Despite taking some time off to have a baby, her career was back on track in no time. By 26, she had moved states and started a whole new life with her newly formed family, husband Nic and daughter Bella. 

Billie was hired as an Accounts Manager, her expertise shone brightly and within a year, she was promoted to General Manager. 

To crown it all, her steadfast work earned her a finalist spot at the MCCI Business Awards.



Billie has committed her life to being the person she was born to be. Billie had an ordinary childhood in rural Australia, at the age of 16 Billie moved out of home but continued school and TAFE. Billie is adamant EVERYONE is capable of her successes, she says the secret is seizing the opportunity.

Now, she’s ready to share the secrets to her success. Billie’s goal is to guide small business owners and entrepreneurs with her vast pool of knowledge to help them authentically raise revenue, grow and thrive. 

Her expertise is tailored to focus on growing these businesses through analysis, systemising, revenue generation, leadership and a variety of forms of business coaching.

She is easy to work with and is undoubtedly the most honest person I have had the pleasure of dealing with. 

Billie is committed to ensuring her clients reach their goals at the highest level.

Billie is so passionate she gives away a lot of her secrets for FREE through her private FREE Facebook group “Billie’s Blueprints” https://www.facebook.com/groups/BilliesBlueprints/

If you are ready for real change reach out to find out how the Billie Sharp Pty Ltd crew can help.