About Billie


I am Billie, Superstar Business Coach & Enterprise Analyst. 

I am obsessed with Orcas, anything to do with the Egyptian Pyramids and helping people succeed beyond their wildest dreams. 

What makes me a Superstar business coach?

  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Diploma of Business
  • Actual Business experience

I have a proven track record of making something from nothing, on more than 1 occasion I have turned an idea into a 7 figure business. 

I enjoy working with motivated, ambitious people that want MORE from their life. 

We specialise in turning really bad businesses into thriving, money making machines.

What can I say, I enjoy the challenge. 


Billie Sharp’s goal is to empower the every day human – in fact, her whole career revolves around this one main mission. As a business expert, she aims to help small business owners build profitable, sustainable businesses, and she has helped many clients achieve and even surpass their dreams. 

Having achieved immense professional success herself, Billie finds a great deal of joy in helping others do the same. Often this involves giving her clients the push they need to step out of their comfort zones and make leaps that they are capable of, but too afraid to make. Her motto is that “fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”, and this outlook informs much of the work she does today. 

Sharing the skills and knowledge she herself has used to get to where she is today, Billie promises to help her clients raise their revenue and smash their goals all while creating a sustainable business. 

Billie isn’t your standard business coach, Billie is an accredited Neuro-linguistic programmer and helps you align your business with your life to ensure sustainable success.