The recruitment industry is estimated to be worth more than $300 billion, yes you read that correctly BILLION. Recruitment outsourcing grew by 46% in 2018 and is expected to continue to boom.

If you haven’t done recruitment training it is a very “I think this is what I should be doing” scenario and with the average hire costing between $5000 and $7500 I can see why people are outsourcing recruitment.

Before you jump on the outsourcing bandwagon, here are 7 things I see businesses doing wrong all too frequently.

  1. Hire people less qualified then you

I am not a psychologist so don’t quote me but as humans we generally like to feel superior. As the manager or owner we instantly dismiss people that are equal or more qualified than we are. The worst part we normally say the person is OVER qualified or WON’T be interested so they don’t even get an interview. The truth is we are scared that they will be better than us so we don’t even give them a chance.

  1. Reference checks

When applying for a job we all know it’s a pre-requisite so it always baffles me how we get this SO wrong. Firstly actually calling their references and not just assuming because they put them on their resume that they are valid, you would be surprised the amount of times I have called a reference and it’s the wrong number or they never answer or return my call and in many instances these were my top candidates. Ok so you have called and they answered now we need to make sure you are asking the correct questions, not just “do you know Johnny, was he a good worker, awesome – thanks bye”. Have a list of questions ready to ask, this is your chance to get free feedback!

  1. Not getting the most out of the interview

The average interview length is 45 minutes, be prepared your candidate should be. Most interviews ask the same generic questions (where do you see yourself in 5 years?), your candidate can rehearse for this so catch them off guard, I like to start with a question to break the ice and get to know them “so tell me about yourself”? They normally respond with their rehearsed response about their career blah, blah, blah, I wait for them to finish and then ask again “ok so this time I want you to tell me about yourself”, I have 45 minutes to get to know this person, I know where they have worked and what they have done, it’s on their resume but their resume doesn’t tell me who they are, what they want, how do they handle pressure. I always at some point in the interview do a test; sales test, memory test, rap test all dependant on the position I am hiring for, I have NEVER interviewed a candidate they didn’t say “well I haven’t done that before”.

  1. Verification of competency

You have just spent $7,500 to get this far and you’re not even going to check they can do what they say they can? Putting them on casual for 3 months is not checking… Get them in for FREE and verify that they can do what they say they can. Prepare some relevant tests and check them out. There is nothing worse than hiring someone and then finding out that they can’t do half of the things they said they could do, actually there is something worse, holding onto that person because “you can make it work”.

  1. Your original job ad

Are you even attracting who you want to attract? Who wrote the job ad? Does it really cover what it should cover or does it just tell the candidate all about the company and not about the job description. If your candidate needs to ask you “so what is the actual job” at any point throughout the interview your advert needs a refresh. The other killer is not putting how much you a willing to pay on your advert. I know you didn’t put it on there because you are worried that when you tell them they won’t be interested, but that’s ok because they are through the door and money isn’t that important. NO, NO, NO you are wasting your time. Be upfront and honest from the beginning this starts with your advert, you know then you are both there for the right reasons and there is no secrets.

  1. Who you think you need and who you actually need

Who you think you need and who you actually need are 2 very different things. If you have high staff turnover or a specific position that is high staff turnover you need to take a good look at what you are doing. You do NOT understand what is required of the position. Ask your staff and take a good look at the position before you spend over $5000 to only recruit someone that won’t last.

  1. Keeping your staff

47% of all candidates leave their new job in the first 6 months. This is normally due to lack of training, transparency or cultural fit. You are in a position to ensure this is all covered before you hire your new team mate. Once you have them don’t let them go, train them. The sink or swim method is not effective, sure it saves time IN THE BEGINNING it doesn’t save time or money when you are rehiring for the same position.

If you are doing any of these now is your chance to fix them! If you are doing all of these you are in luck, I offer a course that covers all of these and 23 other recruiting lessons.

You will find it under the Succeed tab on my website.